September 15, 2014

A Little Extra

The more style posts I do the more I've come to the realization that most of my cloths are old. One of my co-workers is always telling me that "my closet must be deep!" While I sometimes indulge in the latest style trends, a lot of my go-to pieces are, well OAF (old as f*ck).

This Nasty Gal shirt I cherish. It's comfortable and just revealing enough for my casual weekend activities. The skin is showing, but not bare. I love that. Style in some ways defines who you are, it's revealing in that way. I could have easily put on a t-shirt, but then I would have had to change my jeans, one wrong move and hello butt cheeks.

This year I welcomed these Nasty Gal shoes into my world of tried-and-true wardrobe staples. Just as I said in this post I love having pieces that take away some of the "work" while getting dressed, this shirt and shoes are definitely two pieces that make it easier to do a little bit extra on lazy weekend days.

Photos by Kent Williams

September 8, 2014

Bedroom Decor Inspo | Jewel Tones and Texture

Most of the focus for my home has been on getting my living room/kitchen/dining situated.  It's kind of an odd shape so I struggled with how I want to arrange everything. My bedroom has definitely been neglected in this process, I've been thinking of ways to add more color, texture and dimension to the space. I've been taking my time embracing the space and really choosing pieces that I love. Plus your girl has a mortgage now, so I need to ball on a budget.

Strangely I've been loving the modern minimalist look in my room, a big change from the past. I've always been drawn to color and I am not afraid to use it! This time around I'd like to keep the base palette very neutral with clean whites and creams with rich colorful details. I want it to be sexy, done up but not busy and bright.

I want to create a modern feature wall instead of a headboard. Something bright, jewel toned and very high gloss.

For my bed I really want to focus on texture. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at photos on Pinterest after work last week for some inspiration. I can't wait to dive in, although it sure is hard not to get side tracked by all the beautiful inspiration on Pinterest!

xoxo, Mariama

September 4, 2014

The Sweet Spot: Bohemian Weekend Wear #lastdaysofsummer

Every woman needs a couple of dresses that she can throw on and most of the work is done. She should look put together, feel comfortable and sexy. It is one of my secrets to keeping my style simple.

I love dressing in between: not too dressy but a tad bit over dressed. This is my sweet spot. Not to mention I don't believe in wearing bras on the weekend and this dress is a bra-less dream. Everything I'm wearing is fairly old, I'm trying to save money to finish up a few projects around my condo and support my juicing habit. Not sure why I haven't worn all these things together before, they are a match made in my bohemian dreams.

Jewelery: Jewel Mint
Dress: Nasty Gal 
Shawl: LF

September 1, 2014

Summer Drink | SPICY WHITE GRAPE & CUCUMBER COOLER #lastdaysofsummer

It makes me so sad to see summer go. I had such a great time this summer with friends and family, travel and in my home. That is why I'm celebrating the #lastdaysofsummer before it's all over. I've made this spicy refreshing drink several times for guests this summer and It is the perfect blend of everything! It's boozy, refreshing and has a kick. I used the ginger infused gin, seen HERE which adds sweetness and a little spice. Enjoy!


Ingredients for 1 Serving

  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • 1 shot sage simple syrup
  • Juice of 1 peeled cucumber and a package of grapes (I added a double shot for each serving)
  • 1 shot of  ginger gin
  • 2 slices of  jalapeño
  • Fresh sage
  • Garnish: 1 slice of cucumber, 1 slice of lime, a sprig of sage and a slice of  jalapeño (optional)

July 1, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: My Top Three Picks for Summer Sunglasses ft. Warby Parker

I was not always a sunglass person. I'm weird about wearing things on my head and face, more evidence that I am turning into my mother. At some point I stopped wearing crazy big earrings and lots of jewelry and opted for a more toned down look. Honesty, I went natural and my hair became an accessory to my style and I started paying more attention to other details like sunglasses.

These three styles aviator, tortoise and round lenses are versatile and will bring value to your  summer wardrobe. All of the sunnies are from Warby Parker. First, can we talk about how their awesome philanthropic work is creating jobs and helping to provide glasses for people all around the world? They have distributed 1 million pairs of glasses to people in need. When you buy a pair, you give a pair. Pretty freaking cool. The summer collections are classic and colorful. Not to mention the variety is stellar.

Check out all the Warby Parker sunglasses.

Aviator: Classic

I have two pairs of aviators. Shamefully they are not the best quality but I have to have them. They look good on everyone and they are classic. I'm wearing Ranskin in Polished Gold and these babies do not skimp on quality. They are fashioned from Japanese ion–plated titanium. Can you say BOSS?  They are classic frames that will go with literally anything and are perfect for this androgynous look. If you get one pair of glasses, aviator is a great choice.

Tortoise: Style Elevator

I’m wearing the Banks in Sea Smoke. I love me some tortoise frames and the contrast here is killer. There is something glamorous about tortoise for both men and women. The structure on this frame makes them a classy statement and effortlessly stylish. Tortoise is like a blazer; it’s a style elevator. Get into it.

Round Lens: Casual Style

Warby offers many sunnies with rounded lenses in fresh colors. Minnie from the Spectrum Sun is one of my favorites. Spectrum Sun feels minimal but still offers a nice pop of color, which is essential for the summer and they had me at Eucalyptus. I have on Quimby in Absinthe. They are very similar to Minnie just a slightly brighter green perfect for a weekend color block. Round frames come off more casual and these frames are so fun and provide great contrast to a colorful summer outfit. 

What are your favorite shades from the Warby summer collections?
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