April 20, 2015

Vintage Dress Redone

“Finally my fabric hoarding proved to be useful!”
Years ago I fell in love with this dress on Etsy and asked the tailor to save every last bit of fabric that he could. I wore it to my 25th birthday party, which was just as epic as this dress.

"If I were hosting a game show at my house I guess it would’ve been appropriate"
The cut is TERRIBLE right?! But the fabric, the mesh front, and the back out were enough to overlook the 10lbs of tulle in the shoulders alone. I had never seen anything like it.

Anyway, this post isn’t about the dress but it is about this pillow that I am OBSESSED with.

I love that the fabric is not only beautiful but has so many great memories tied to it. I’ve been phasing out a lot of old shit that I still have from college and beyond mainly because my style is different, but I like holding on to just a few things like this.

February 11, 2015

Home Update | Living Area, Kitchen Island

My oh my how a coat of paint can transform a place, whew! So I’m a little undecided. I knew that for the main color in my living area I wanted a very light close to white color to brighten up the room. The previous color was this flat matte beigey color with a pink hue, sort of like salmon and it needed to be updated desperately. I am still working out what other two colors I am going to use for accents, because this space definitely needs to be broken up a bit with wall color. I’ll work on that later.

Now I feel good enough about it to mount the tv and begin to hang my art up on the walls. I have to admit when I first moved into my condo I was afraid to put anything in the walls. I didn't want to ruin anything. Ha! I’m hella over that now and I’ve been diving in

I will most likely paint the island a different color but for now it is the base color that I used for the rest of the walls. I’ve been stalking lots of cool geometric, black and white designs/shapes online with the intention of either painting the island or one of my bathroom walls with a pattern.

Recently I was put on to washi tape by jewelery designer Rachel Stewart and figured this would be a much better alternative while I work out what I really want to do with all the walls.

I also added bar hooks that I picked up at home depot for about $3 for a pack of two. It’s such a cute little accent and my place it small so it is a great space saving solution for when I have my girls over.

Small space solution: Add bar hooks to your kitchen island.

This whole update was super cheap. I may of may not be using every bit of restraint I have not to washi every damn wall! The best part is that I can change it without too much fuss.

Hooray for my my new island. :)

February 2, 2015

One Mo’ Gin: DIY D’angelo Inspired Bar Light

Pour yourself a drink and listen to this.

D’angelo’s lyrics always manage to capture small but significant romantic details. THIS is what I love most about his music. I thought a small bar light would be a great detail to make the bar shelf into more of an bar area and tie it into the rest of the decor.

I’ve been researching how to make a bar light to accompany my the shelf. All the tutorials were much too involved. So I came up with a simpler solution, and honestly this meshes much better with the rest of the room.

I was sitting at work when the idea to make this sign hit me. An homage to one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite spirits. One day I may get this made into a real neon light sign, but for now this is giving me everything I need.

What you’ll need
I used painters tape to make sure that the letters were aligned. And cut the tail of the “Z” to make the apostrophe.

I used the metal clamps on the back of the frame to secure the lights onto the frame. They can also be glued for a more permanent solutions.

And that’s it!

January 29, 2015

Things I Love Thursday | 1/29/15

I have a lot to be happy about these days and I come across a lot of cool art/home/style things when I’m trolling the internet for shiny pretty things and I can’t share them all. Things I love Thursday is for me to share what I’m grateful for/happy about and all awesome stuff that inspires me!

I’ve been watching Sherlock a lot recently (the BBC version) and the men usually have the most beautiful decanters in their office or home. I've always been fascinated with decorative containers so this felt like it was right up my alley. I found these amazing decanters on etsy and I-am-obsessed! I need them. All. Plus I feel like they would look brilliant on my bar shelf. Old fashioned anyone? *raised eyebrow*

These three products have literally been saving my skin this winter. My skin is usually very soft and overall healthy but between DC hard water and this disrespectful ass winter wind, I’ve been having a bit more dry skin than I would like. Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Body Scrub, Botanics Face Scrub, and CaudalĂ­e Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask.
A photo posted by Mariama (@brownbelle) on
This paleo bread is so yummy. I don’t eat much bread, but I have been eating a slice of this stuff everyday for two weeks and counting. Its super easy to make and easily customizable. I think that I have mastered the recipe so I will be sharing that soon! 

I recently went to the Gordon Parks: Segregation Story exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta and fell in love with the photography. I knew I wanted to grab a book on my way out and I ended up picking this photo book and I can stop looking at it. There are a lot of books/articles about our story but these images really just speak to me. Link to photo book

I’m dying to change the tile in my bathroom so I’ve been taking note of amazing tile when I’m out. I was getting drinks with friends last Tuesday and this establishment had THE most amazing tile! Black, white and gold…yes please.

If I were a store it would look a lot like this. I need everything from this place. Literally ever-ry-thing. I’m not sure where I would put everything exactly, but I need it. Salt and Sundry

D’angelo. Love. Still. As seen here. I have a few D’angelo inspired DIY projects that I will post soon, I know you’ll love ‘em. Insert wet emoji.

These earrings. http://goo.gl/4N18TN

This bar cart is perfection. http://goo.gl/A4t5hp

What’s making you happy this week?

January 26, 2015

Vintage Bar Shelf Redone

I thrifted this amazing shelf from Salvation Army for less than $30. I’m assuming its vintage based off of the tacky paint splatter finish that it had, which I thought I’d immediately change but it grew on me when I took it home. I’m kind of averse to adding wall shelves because I don’t want my small condo looking too cluttered. My intention was to buy/diy a bar cart but when I laid my eyes on this shelf my plans changed!

The reason why I decided to change it, is because I spilled a white paint sample all over it, my floors and the wall. Good times…

Since it was ruined I had to paint it.

I sanded all the outside edges to get rid of as much of the texture from that paint splatter looking finish and gave it a good cleaning with a soapy damp cloth.

After two coats of primer I was satisfied with the results.

I painted the inside with liquid gold paint and the outside with a high gloss black paint.

Side note: this color scheme would look stunning on a bar cart and goes well with most decor. 

all done!

I wanted it to feel a little bit masculine. I want to add more neutral/masculine pieces to give the room balance. This shelf also acts and a little bit of a divider for the dinning room/kitchen and the living room. I plan to reinforce that with the paint when I get to it!

I added clear sticky dots onto the glass so that there is a barrier between the metal and the shelves.

I like to add a plant element to every room. This place is going to look like a freaking jungle by the time I move out. And I am totally with that.

#barshelf > #barcart

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