Mariama Bramble

Homemaker, Experience Specialist, Mixologist


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Hey, boo! I’m Mariama. Modern Homemaker. Your Favorite Cocktail Creator. Resilient Home Cook. Lover of Vibrant & Eclectic Style with a Passion for Entertaining. I’m here to help you create a well-styled life full of entertaining, inspiration, and kickass experiences with the people you love.

I know what you’re thinking…homemaker? Yup, I’m a homemaker, but not in the typical sense. I’m the type of homemaker who believes in the magic of bringing people together through entertaining.

When I invite you into my home, your eyes, ears, and taste buds are consumed with inspiration—I’ve got flavor for days, style, and the perfect cocktail for every occasion, but I’m not down with spending all damn day trying to pull off an amazing get together—who has time for that?

Brownbelle is your go-to guide for modern homemaking made simple—anything from delectable food and drink recipes to simple and vibrant style and decor… you’ll find it all here.

This has always been a natural part of me, I grew up in a house where I had a lot of responsibilities—most black girls my age did. Both of my parents worked, so the entire family had to pitch in. This made me resourceful and resilient, so you better believe I know how to make things work!

There is a ton of online content that showcases homemaking and DIY projects, but most of the information doesn’t tell you how to really execute the art of entertaining in your home. And most of the content doesn’t feature Black homemakers and DIYers, even though many of us are crafty homemakers.

Many folks would rather spend most of their time outside their homes because their living spaces don’t inspire them.

But I’m all about nurturing the homemaker in you (yeah, there’s one in there!).


Stay home, the food is probably better there.

Life’s all about gathering with family and friends, enjoying every moment, and spreading love in your own space—a space that you’ve curated yourself.