Designing Nubian Hueman’s Second Location

September 2019

Experience Curation, Interior Design

With my partner Wakisa we created a fresh new space for Nubian Hueman at their new Baltimore location.

Dine Diaspora Presents: Chop Bar DC

July 28, 2019 - Big Chief


I created two signature cocktails using event sponsor Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey for the VIP Lounge experience.

Hospitality: Juneteenth Dinner

June 19, 2019 - Nicole Crowder Upholstery Studio

“This dinner is definitely and expirience that I'd like to relive again. You set your intentions and it translated in every course you served. I experienced every bit of love and gratitude at Hospitality and I that you for letting me experience that through the atmosphere you set and the love you poured into us.

In a world that's so crazy, Hospitality is a curated experience of sisterhood in a safe and loving space and your menu nourished my soul with love. It was great!!!”

-Maame Boakye

Catering, Curation & Mixology

I created an intentionally ancestral inspired menu with cocktail and wine pairings for an intimate group. The event was hosted by Nicole at her beautiful studio in NW DC. Hit the ‘learn more’ button to view the final menu.

Moon Melanin Art Exhibit & Popup Bar

April 19 - March 3, 2019 - O Street Studios

Decor, Experience Curation, Mixology & Popup Bar

I worked with Dayo to create four activations that brought the project to life. During the three week run there were three events where I served theme based drinks.

Activation 1: The lounge, my signature at most events that I curate, is a place for people to sit and gather under the “moon” and a multi-wall gallery with portraits from floor to ceiling.

Activation 2: Luminous, a large scale eye catching image to greet each guest eliminated by candle light.

Activation 3: Reflection, a series of mirrors for guests to bask in their own melanin and write a melanated affirmation.

Activation 4: Listen, with each photo Dayo conducted an interview. Selected photos were displayed with a listening station for guests to hear to the interview.

Moon Melanin website coming soon…

 The Black Love Experience Popup Bar

March 23, 2019 - The ARC

Mixology & Popup Bar

For the third year in a row I created two cocktails for the event. The Tangerine Dream Mojito with fresh pressed juice and Let that Mango with mango nectar and bourbon spiked tea.

Nicole Crowder Upholstery Studio Launch

February 9, 2019 - Nicole Crowder Upholstery Studio

Mixology & Catering

For the launch of Nicole’s studio space I created a colorful abundant spread and a custom cocktail for her guests. The spread included charcuterie, farrow salad, black eyed pea fritters, and quiche.

A Seat at The Table Dinner Party

October 31, 2018 - Urban Garden

Mixology & Catering

I created a cocktail for the cocktail hour and cooked dinner with wine pairings for 15 people. Hit the ‘learn more’ button to view the menu and more details.

The Black Love Experience Lounge & Bar

March 17, 2018 - The Anacostia Art Center

Mixology, Decor & Experience Curation

For the second year I created a lounge and bar area with tranquil vibes. Natural soft light, neutral tones, and plant life helped transform this space from a conference room to a beautiful lounge.

Something Good: Holiday Jam

December 18, 2017 - Art of Noize

Mixology, Catering, Workshop, Experience Curation

Before the holidays we gathering to make our own body scrubs and bath salts in a workshop designed and facilitated by me. For recipes, recap photos and more information hit the ‘learn more’ button.

The Black Love Experience Lounge & Bar

February 2017 - Anacostia Art Center

Mixology, Decor & Experience Curation

The living lounge was an homage to color. Unlike the neutral tones from the same room in 2017 the light was brighter and the colors were anything but muted. Hit the ‘learn more’ button for details.

The Black Love Experience Curators Dinner

February 2017 - Nubian Hueman

Mixology, Catering, Decor & Experience Curation

I worked Anika on all aspects of this appreciation dinner, a gather for all the Black Love Experience Contributors. The work included welcome cocktails, decor, catering the dinner and pairing wine.

Something Good: Jamaican Jerk Making Workshop

October 9, 2016 - Nubian Hueman

Mixology, Catering, Workshop, Experience Curation

Jerk over everything! In this workshop I taught folks how to make fresh jerk seasoning. Guests enjoyed rum punch and small bites seasoned with the Jerk they made and took home after the workshop.

Cocktail Infusion Workshop

June 22, 2016 - Nomad Yard Collectiv

Mixology, Workshop, Experience Curation

Infused spirits are one of my go-to party tricks while entertaining. My philosophy for homemaking is that it should be simple but well done. In this works I taught each guest how to infuse their own spirits at home.