Creative Collective

On Sunday I took a break from binge watching Game of Thrones to take part in a graffiti artist collective project hosted by Words Beats & Life, HiArts and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It was a daylong mural jam featuring the work of many artists on a 990-foot wall.
I have always been in owe of graffiti artists and their ability to create pieces on such a large scale while still paying attention to the detail that gives each work of art so much depth. I loved seeing them working and it felt like a community. I will definitely have to come back and take more pics.
The area was vivacious and I felt very awake after a lazy day. Usually social events drain me but this gave me energy, as I knew it would.  I have found the best way to stay inspired is to be around other inspired people, especially those who are creators.  I’ve been making a conscious effort be around more creative folks in all-different art forms. For me it keeps the inspiration flowing. This week I have been fuelled by this energy. As I set out to create more I will definitely take you with me. Stay tuned.
If you are in the DC area and want to check it out it is located between 514-680 Rhode Island Ave NE behind the shopping plaza.