DIY Black Soap & Tea Tree Face Cleanser


I used to have terrible acne. It wasn’t until well into my 20s that my skin issues were under control. Fortunately my skin and hair have been doing really well for a while now and I attribute that to using mostly natural products.

Black soap has been an amazing product for cleansing my whole body really, however it’s a pain to use on my body in a white shower so I mostly use it for my face and sometimes my hair. I use a lot of hearty oils all over my body and I wear makeup most days. I love black soap because it leaves you squeaky clean, but not so stripped that your skin feels dry.

Tea tree oil is known for its healing antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce itching and clears rashes over time. I always add some to my shampoo, which has helped my scalp enormously.

Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for your body inside and out. Externally it can be used to help ease the discomfort of sunburns, minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and rashes, and is very moisturizing.

I have used just plain black soap and that works really well, but I happened to have these ingredients in my house. I use this wash after removing my makeup with banila co. clean it zero (the best makeup remover I’ve ever used) and my skin looks and feels refreshed and clean.

What you’ll need

  • Raw Organic Black Soap (solid)
  • Tea Tree Oil (Optional)
  • Aloe Vera Juice (Optional)
  • Castile soap (Optional)
  • Water
  • Bottle

I filled the bottle with chunks of the black soap (about 1/2 cup). Added about a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Added a few table spoons of Aloe Vera juice, a thin layer of Castile soap, and filled the rest with water. It takes about a day for the black soap to melt and become completely liquid. I recommend using a pump or a container with a thin nozzle for easy use and if you have sensitive skin, leave out the Castile soap and go easy on the tea tree.