DIY Herringbone Black & White Mirror

The walls in my condo are very bare. I've been taking my time deciding what to put on the walls and admittedly a little scared to drill holes. Welp I'm over it! I am much to lazy to paint right now so I am hoping my craving for color will be satisfied with diy art, photos and prints.
I saw this Threshold Herringbone Mirror on the Target website and fell in love. I already had a mirror and sample paints from Home Depot so I figured I could pull this one off pretty easily.
What you'll need:
Two contrasting paint colors
painters tape
paint brush
1. Clean the surfaces to prep for paint.
2. Paint everything white or the lightest color. Let it dry completely.
Tip: I put tape around the mirror, but in hindsight it would've been much easier to just remove the mirror from the frame.
3. Place tape on the parts you want to stay white and paint the rest black.
4. Let dry completely and hang!