Loving glitter right now. I originally was going to do a holiday french with red on the bottom and gold glitter at the top, but loved the glitter so much I just rolled with it. You can use any color glitter you like and a secondary polish that has glitter or shimmer to it

This look is super easy, but can be very messy, put down a piece of scrap paper, so you don't get glitter everywhere

Use bronze polish to make a messy french tip, let dry
Dab the bronze polish lightly over the glitter and blend down, don't use too much polish 
Sprinkle a few stray glitters over the second coat of bronze, let dry
Apply a coat of clear, start by adding a dolap of polish on the tip and pat over the glitter don't brush, let dry
Apply a second coat of clear polish 

Use your favorite fast drying clear coat, this bronze color is from forever 21

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