How To Find A Good Therapist And Get The Most Out Your Sessions


HYDRATE. On the mend, sipping on #tea. Lemon, honey, turmeric, cayenne So I wrote an article about...(ahem) therapy.  More specifically why I decided to go and a few things that I've learned during the process. It's live now on Simone Digital, check it:

Right now I’m listening to my last session on my phone. I’m half smiling half frowning. It’s weird to hear my own voice and I feel slightly nervous or maybe embarrassed about the story that I’m telling my therapist. I start by running through all of the things that I signed myself up for in January, including writing this column. I start talking about a dream I had about someone who really hurt me. I’m chuckling as I read the notes the I wrote down when I was experiencing it all.

It feels heavy and why am I laughing? In addition to my day job I have a slew of very time consuming projects that I’m working on executing in January. Who the fuck do I think I am? I ask myself this regularly, actually. But Let me back up. Why the hell am I here?

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