In Living Color


Me: Hey boo
Friend: Wow that is a Jamaicany ass outfit!
Me: Sure is!

I always have to stop myself from wearing all the colors and prints all together, unless it works of course. I’ve already talked about how much I love bright color blocks in general but especially for work. Since I started my new job about a month ago, I’ve been breaking out of go-to outfit syndrome and dressing much better. I’m working with marketing/creative folks now and the dress code is much more casual. Give my wardrobe frrrrreeee! Also helps that I finally got my life together and organized my closet! Blazers, collard work shirts, other shirts, pants, dresses, work dresses. Makes it simple to get ready in the morning.

Blazer: Pixie Market | Tank & Pants: H&M | Shoes: Vintage | Bracelets: Orese