Keeping all of your accessories and makeup organized can be a task! I like having mine out, to add a little glister to my room, but also because "out of site, out of mind" certainly rings true for me... I would totally forget about everything. Here are a few ideas that you can use to store/organize your makeup and jewels.

bird cage - i picked this up at urban outfitters, great for hanging all types of jewelery. You can definitely find one of these at the thrift store. they come in all sizes and if you want a pop of color you can spray paint it to personalize if white is not your fav
beer bottle - before the bottles I had my bracelets pretty much just piled in the jewelery box. this way i can see them and they are also decorative
add some hooks on a mirror - don't have too many necklaces so I added four hooks to this wooden framed mirror that I picked up in college at the end of the semester when everyone is getting rid of all their stuff
kitchen utensil caddy - perfect for makeup brushes, face lotion and foundation. I store most of my makeup in my Sephora trunk, but this caddy is great for keeping every day items organized
candle holders - these are great for storing all kinds of things! there are so many pretty candle holders that you can find on the cheap at the thrift store or at a bargain home goods store. I put my face pencils and mascara in the one on my dresser
ash tray - for a non-smoker I sure do own a lot of ash trays! Ideal for small stud earring and rings

what other cool/unusual ways do you organize your things?