Top 10 things to Pack on an International Trip


I packed way too damn much. But there were some things that I was so grateful to have and a few other things that I wish I brought. This list is a mixture of both! What are your must haves on an international trip

  1. Lotion wipes: yes they exist I got hem from elf and they actually work! I wouldn’t rely on them in a cold climate because they would not moisturize my skin enough, but for a warm summer climate they were perfect!
  2. Baby wipes: when hand sanitize isn’t enough.
  3. Sneakers: I brought my chucks. They were comfortable for all the cobblestone walking we did, they match with everything and they are cute!
  4. Plug converter: buy a good one! They sell them with the USB connect. Get that one.
  5. Water filter: this might be the greatest tourist swindle of all time. If you are staying for a while (5+ days) I would pack this. It’s so important to hydrate and you will have to keep buying bottles of water. Don’t stay thirsty my friends.
  6. Water bottle: we bought water by the gallons and kept filling up water bottles. I brought a medium sized bottle that I didn’t mind carrying around and it was perfect.
  7. Wi-Fi: “These bars area lie.” I kept saying this everywhere we went. Wee-Fee was mediocre at best in all of Europe for us. I think it’s worth it to travel with a portable Wi-Fi connection. So you can use GPS and communicate with your people if you decide to split up, you can text using whatsapp.
  8. Washcloth/loufa: Ever tried washing your ass with a small towel? It’s annoying. Not one hotels or the airbnb that we stayed in had washcloths. There are worse things, I know, trust me its worth it to make your life easier.
  9. Selfie stick: I was so against this when my fried mentioned she was bringing it, but it came in handy when we wanted to take a group pic and actually have it come out flattering, ha!
  10. Camille Rose Almonds Jai twisting butter: this is strictly for the nappy travelers. No one has time for 50leven hair products. This one product is EVERYTHING. Hold and moisture are my two main concerns and it covers both. Best product I’ve ever used on my hair.
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