Wardrobe Essentials: My Top Three Picks for Summer Sunglasses ft. Warby Parker

I was not always a sunglass person. I'm weird about wearing things on my head and face, more evidence that I am turning into my mother. At some point I stopped wearing crazy big earrings and lots of jewelry and opted for a more toned down look. Honesty, I went natural and my hair became an accessory to my style and I started paying more attention to other details like sunglasses.

These three styles aviator, tortoise and round lenses are versatile and will bring value to your  summer wardrobe. All of the sunnies are from Warby Parker. First, can we talk about how their awesome philanthropic work is creating jobs and helping to provide glasses for people all around the world? They have distributed 1 million pairs of glasses to people in need. When you buy a pair, you give a pair. Pretty freaking cool. The summer collections are classic and colorful. Not to mention the variety is stellar.

Check out all the Warby Parker sunglasses.

Aviator: Classic

I have two pairs of aviators. Shamefully they are not the best quality but I have to have them. They look good on everyone and they are classic. I'm wearing Ranskin in Polished Gold and these babies do not skimp on quality. They are fashioned from Japanese ion–plated titanium. Can you say BOSS?  They are classic frames that will go with literally anything and are perfect for this androgynous look. If you get one pair of glasses, aviator is a great choice.

Tortoise: Style Elevator

I’m wearing the Banks in Sea Smoke. I love me some tortoise frames and the contrast here is killer. There is something glamorous about tortoise for both men and women. The structure on this frame makes them a classy statement and effortlessly stylish. Tortoise is like a blazer; it’s a style elevator. Get into it.

Round Lens: Casual Style

Warby offers many sunnies with rounded lenses in fresh colors. Minnie from the Spectrum Sun is one of my favorites. Spectrum Sun feels minimal but still offers a nice pop of color, which is essential for the summer and they had me at Eucalyptus. I have on Quimby in Absinthe. They are very similar to Minnie just a slightly brighter green perfect for a weekend color block. Round frames come off more casual and these frames are so fun and provide great contrast to a colorful summer outfit. 

What are your favorite shades from the Warby summer collections?