What to Bring: Flea Market Essentials For Sellers

So you've made the decision to participate in your first flea market. First off congrats! I got my start at a flea market, and I always tell people it is a great way to test the waters and see first hand how customers respond to your product. Interacting face to face with customers is always beneficial, especially if you only interact electronically with your customers like me.

Here is quick list of things to bring and do on your way to/during the flea market.

// Table cloth: If you need a table get something that will be a great backdrop for your product. I like using a plain black table cloth so that the bow ties pop on the table.
// Email list sign-up: This is a great time to build up your following. Offer an incentive for new members like a discount code or free shipping.
// Pens: Bring back up, back up pens. They tend to walk away from the table.
// Business cards: Duh!
// Cash: Some weirdos people still carry cash. Make it rain Make sure you have appropriate denominations to give them change.
// Card Reader: There are a number of portable card readers on the market these days. Pick one, bring it and learn how to work it before you get there.
// Cell phone battery: My iPhone battery life sucks. If your phone is not going to last all day, make sure to bring back up.

// Invite Friends: It's great to have the support and at some point you are going to need to use the rest room and eat.
// Baby wipes: Because hand sanitizer doesn't cut it.
// Napkins/tissues: Runny nose, face blot, etc.
// Good extras to have: String, Scissors & Packing Tape. If it is even a little bit windy you will be happy to have these life savers.
// Camera: To document a great day.
// Snacks & water: You are going to be there all day. I usually bring apples, chips, trail mix or bananas, just to snack on until I can get some grub.
// Offer help: Lots of people tell me they can't pull off a bow tie. That's BS. I always offer style suggestions and sometimes vet outfit options with customers. I encourage them to ask me as many questions as they want and I've been known to give bow tie tying lessons right at the table.
// Pay attention: To what products move and how shoppers react to things like price and style.
// Display: I always set up my mannequin and have a folded shirt or two on the table with a tie option attached. A good display can often draw people to your table.

I hope that was helpful. Feel free to ask me questions.

Are you thinking about participating in a flea market? What are your flea market essentials?