Night Time Skin Care Routine

My Skin Story: the abridged version

I used to have terrible skin. The Oil Cleansing Method singlehandedly turned my skin around. I used a mixture of castor oil, tea tree, and sweet almond oil, twice a day for several months then once a day until the oil and acne were under control. If I find my skin doing the most now, I’ll go back to TOCM and get my skin together.


Before that, I tried a lot of cleansers that dried out the acne but left my skin feeling super stripped and in turn, more oily. If you have to use harsh treatments, only treat the problem areas and not your whole face. I mention all this to say if you have oily skin it is starving for moisture and chances are that fixing your exterior skin issues will help to eliminate any blemish issues that you are having with your skin. 

Current Routine

Between each step let your face absorb each product, this will take a little bit more time but you’re worth it. 

  1. If I have makeup on I start with an oil cleanser. I am currently using one from Trader Joe’s. I also like Keihl’s and plain ‘ol rosehip oil.

  2. Back in the day, I washed my face with soap at night AND in the morning. Now I just wash at night and rinse and re-moisturize in the morning. In my opinion, there is no need to wash your face with soap in the morning if you cleaned it at night. I've tried everything from Neutrogena's clarifying face wash (you know the orange one) and Cetaphil, which left me with more breakouts because it was too mild. Now I make my own face and hair wash and use the pink face scrubber to remove oil and dirt. It cleans without stripping my face of all the natural oils but really cleans my face. I sometimes cleanse twice if I don’t feel like my skin is clean enough after the first wash. With my hair and skin, I’ve found that the more natural the better especially when you’re trying to figure out what works best for your skin. You'll know exactly what you’re putting on your skin without all the dye, fragrances, and stuff you can't pronounce.

  3. If you can air dry do it, if not use a CLEAN washcloth to dry your face each night. DO NOT use your towel.

  4. I exfoliate 3-4 times a week depending on what my skin needs. If my nose feels like there’s texture and I can see my pores are clogged that is usually a good indication I’m overdue. This Skin Food Black Sugar Scrub is the business and I see and feel a noticeable difference especially when I put makeup on. Your skin must be dry! Massage a dollop into your face and neck and let it sit for 10 mins, rinse your face with warm water and dry.

  5. I love using the Trader Joe’s natural facial cleansing pads several times a week.

  6. I use masks maybe once a week. If I put one on at night I’d do it now, but I prefer to do them in the morning on a weekend or day when I’m not going to wear makeup. My current favs are the Cocoa Butter Mother’s Land and Sea Mask and Andalou Naturals instant hydration sheet mask. I rinse the clay mask but not the sheet mask…I let all that goodness soak in.

  7. Apply two pumps of the CORSX AHA Power liquid. This is a light chemical exfoliant and will help to keep poor unclogged. I’ve noticed a difference in texture and can wait to try the BHA after I’ve finished with this bottle.

  8. I usually look like a grease ball when going to bed, but my skin looks likes a baby’s butt when I wake up so it is a fair exchange. I use a mixture of a cream or butter and then layer on top of an oil serum.

  9. To finish off I spray rose water with a vegetable glycerine. You can probably skip this step, I find it refreshing and little extra moisture never hurt anybody.

  10. If I have pimples I want to spot treat I will use a cotton swab or my finger to apply a small amount of tea tree oil. If it's a juicy one I’ll apply a COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.

  11. Several times a week or as needed I will use this COSRX overnight mask.

Extra Tips

  • If you’re struggling with skin issues buy extra pillowcases so that you can change them out more frequently and/or flip your pillow.

  • STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. I know its hard but stop it.

  • I’m not going to tell you not to pick at your face because you must have the willpower of a stubborn toddler in order to not pop a pimple or blackhead. The key is to wait until its ready. Treat the area with tea tree or the pimple patches until the white reveals itself, then you strike. If you’re extracting a black head and it does not easily come out it’s not ready. Digging for it will leave you with scarring so chill out.

  • Do not apply more makeup throughout the day. Blot with a tissue or paper towel if your face gets oily. You can even use those toilet seat covers, they’re basically the same thing as those expensive face blotters and most bathrooms have them.

  • Go makeup free as much as possible. I do not wear foundation every day, even when I have on other makeup and you see my skin.

  • Don’t wear foundation if you can get away with it. Most makeup girls complete three steps for the face, foundation, conceal and contour. Find an amazing primer and skip the foundation. This means that your concealer and contour color has to be closer to your actual skin color so it doesn’t look crazy but I’ve found that this leaves me with the same results with way less makeup.

  • Beyond eating leafy greens and drinking a ton of water. Pay attention to foods that leave you feeling bloated, inflamed and irregular. I find that these are the symptoms that show the most on my skin.