Healthy Lifestyle tips

I feel like I've lost the reigns a bit with my weight and health. Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself? Yeah, that is me, not to mention the side effects that I feel when I do not work out regularly. For me, that means, lack of energy, trouble sleeping at night, trouble getting up in the morning, lack of appetite, irregular bowel movements, and feeling out of shape. 

Now, if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am working on slowly phasing meat out (mostly) of my diet and eating cleaner in general. I showed a screenshot of the food that I want to stick to and many of you wanted me to post it so here it is!

Make Realistic Goals

For me making gradual changes in my diet and lifestyle works best. Any time I try to cut out completely NEVER works. So I do not put too much pressure on myself to cut things out, I make a plan for increasing the good stuff and naturally the "bad" stuff works it's way out. 

Be Kind to Yourself

I have my moments when my words, to myself, are unkind and as of late those moments are increasing. I've been working on saying kind words, or thinking kind thought mostly, about myself. You on Instagram when I talk about having my #tittiesout? Well, it is expressing radical self-love by way of kind words and sexy photos of myself, basically being my own hype-man. So hype yourself. Be nice.

Don't Make Excuses

Discipline and commitment in my personal life is a struggle. These are things that I know about myself so I work very hard to set myself up for success. Getting up and getting to the gym (I like to work out in the morning) even when I don't feel like it, not keeping sweets and wine in my house because I know I will consume it and Holding myself truly accountable is going to be the biggest part of my struggle. I don't have this all figured out but I am motivated by how good I know I'm going to feel when I am consistent.

Here Some of My Favorite Healthy Lifestyle Recipes

Foods to Eat 


  • artichokes

  • asparagus

  • avocado

  • broccoli

  • brussels sprouts

  • cabbage

  • celery

  • cucumber

  • eggplant

  • garlic

  • kale

  • olives

  • onions

  • rutabaga

  • spinach

  • tomatoes

  • zucchini

  • dandelion greens


  • kefir


  • beef

  • chicken

  • lamb

  • turkey

  • eggs

Wild Fish

  • anchovies

  • herring

  • sardines

  • wild salmon


  • almonds

  • coconut meat

  • flax seeds

  • hazelnuts

  • pecans