Bedroom Decor Inspo | Jewel Tones and Texture

Most of the focus for my home has been on getting my living room/kitchen/dining situated.  It's kind of an odd shape so I struggled with how I want to arrange everything. My bedroom has definitely been neglected in this process, I've been thinking of ways to add more color, texture and dimension to the space. I've been taking my time embracing the space and really choosing pieces that I love. Plus your girl has a mortgage now, so I need to ball on a budget.

Strangely I've been loving the modern minimalist look in my room, a big change from the past. I've always been drawn to color and I am not afraid to use it! This time around I'd like to keep the base palette very neutral with clean whites and creams with rich colorful details. I want it to be sexy, done up but not busy and bright.

I want to create a modern feature wall instead of a headboard. Something bright, jewel toned and very high gloss.

For my bed I really want to focus on texture. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at photos on Pinterest after work last week for some inspiration. I can't wait to dive in, although it sure is hard not to get side tracked by all the beautiful inspiration on Pinterest!

xoxo, Mariama

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