A Little Extra

The more style posts I do the more I've come to the realization that most of my cloths are old. One of my co-workers is always telling me that "my closet must be deep!" While I sometimes indulge in the latest style trends, a lot of my go-to pieces are, well OAF (old as f*ck).

This Nasty Gal shirt I cherish. It's comfortable and just revealing enough for my casual weekend activities. The skin is showing, but not bare. I love that. Style in some ways defines who you are, it's revealing in that way. I could have easily put on a t-shirt, but then I would have had to change my jeans, one wrong move and hello butt cheeks.

This year I welcomed these Nasty Gal shoes into my world of tried-and-true wardrobe staples. Just as I said in this post I love having pieces that take away some of the "work" while getting dressed, this shirt and shoes are definitely two pieces that make it easier to do a little bit extra on lazy weekend days.

Photos by Kent Williams

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