How to Color Block at Work: Simple Stylish Work Wear

 Blazer, Tank | H&M
Pants | Vintage
Shoes | BCBG
Clutch | Handmade by Me

One of the most challenging things about working in an office is looking like myself while dressing professionally. I haven't purchased "work cloths" in some time because I simply refuse to out of principal and because, well I spend way too much money on food. I buy things that I can wear personally and professionally usually separates or sets that are easily mixed and matched. Adding color, patterns and texture has been my escape for years now. The office is filled with dark grey, black and blue pant and skirt suits and it just isn't for me anymore.

Color blocking is a simple way to incorporate your personality into your work wardrobe. I believe fit is the most important aspect of work-wear. As long as the silhouettes and fit are appropriate for your work culture you can be more creative with color, print and texture. Stay tuned for more inspiration for creative work attire.

Here are a few tips for adding a splash of color at work:

  • Keep your shoes simple.
  • Unless your outfit has a neutral palette you can wear a more flashy shoe.
  • Make your shirt the brightest color. This bright yellow that I have on would look crazy if it were the color of my pants or blazer in this palette. The color that does the most should take up the least amount of space on your body.
  • Keep the jewelry minimal, stick to one statement piece.
  • Wear clothes that fit! I cannot say this enough. Fit is everything.

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