DIY Wall Art: Gold Foil

I've REALLY been into metallic tones lately. Gold, silver and bronze accents add richness while remaining neutral. My bedroom will have many more gold accents but for starters I've added a pop of gold with this easy gold foil diy.

You will need:

  • About a foot long piece of foil. Start bigger you can always rip it to make it smaller.
  • Gold spray paint
  • Picture frame

Take your foot long piece of foil and crumple it to add texture. 
Carefully un-crumple and spray paint gold. Glue it or tape it down to the background that comes with your frame and voila! 
You can make it into a heart, circle or any shape if you want something that looks a bit more intentional. Simply cut the foil before spray painting.
I plan on hanging this on the wall once I have a few more items to put up, of course I will update you all along the way!

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