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Collards with Tomatoes

I grew up eating and growing greens. So you can imagine that I’ve prepared and eaten them many different ways. This is my current favorite way to enjoy them. There is something comforting about the flavor of the fire roasted tomato goodness and it creates to most tasty pot liquor. My favorite ways to eat them are with a classic herby baked chicken with mashed sweet potatoes or overtop grits. This is an amazing hearty meatless option for shrimp and grits.

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How to Cook & Dry Brine a Turkey

I'm not a huge turkey fan, but a few years ago, I volunteered to make the turkey for my family I made it my mission to figure out how to make it magically delicious. So there were two things that I wanted to address when making my turkey. First, roasted whole turkey tends to be dry and second, it tends to be a bit bland.

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