DIY Gold Fish-scale Wall Art

Now that I’ve got most of my place painted, I’m spending time on the smaller details of the decor. I am obsessed with adding texture to each room in subtle and not so subtle ways.

For my bedroom I choose a jewel tone palette and I want the vibe to be rich and sexy in color, texture and overall vibe. I’ve done this by mixing modern and natural accents and lots of saturated fabrics both solid and patterns.

This scaled piece has been on my list for a while now. I’ve had several ideas on how I want it to look. I considered making it a headboard, doing a trio of square pieces, etc. but when I saw this frame in salvation army I knew that I wanted to use it for this project.

I saw the original project on pinterest, which uses slightly different materials. I used what I had.

I highly recommend buying a circle cutter for this project versus hand cutting the circles. You really want them to be precise and it will go by much faster.

What you’ll need
  • A frame or plywood
  • Circle cutter 
  • Glue gun
  • Craft paper
  • Poster paper
  • Tape
  • Spray paint

How it’s done
I bought bunch of poster board from the dollar store and used the circle cutter to make 4” circles. You can make them big or small, I think smaller circles look much better.

Then I covered the frame with craft paper. I may want to use it for something else later.
Draw out or use tape to create straight lines across the frame.

Use a glue gun to place the circles on the frame starting at the bottom.

Once it is covered leave it overnight to dry.

When it’s completely dry flip it over and cut the round edges off.

Glue the edges done.

In a well ventilated area spray paint the frame. Now, you can use any color you want to match your decor.

This is a fairly simple project, cutting the circles was the most time consuming part.

I’m in love with the finish product. It is just perfect for the tone that I’m setting in my bedroom.


  • Use poster paper! If you use a thinner weight then the circles are more likely to crease.
  • Make sure you get under the circles you don't want any white parts showing. 
  • Ask a friend to help you hang it. My frame is currently a bit crooked, hanging a frame of this size is definitely a two person job!