Vintage Bar Shelf Redone

I thrifted this amazing shelf from Salvation Army for less than $30. I’m assuming its vintage based off of the tacky paint splatter finish that it had, which I thought I’d immediately change but it grew on me when I took it home. I’m kind of averse to adding wall shelves because I don’t want my small condo looking too cluttered. My intention was to buy/diy a bar cart but when I laid my eyes on this shelf my plans changed!

The reason why I decided to change it, is because I spilled a white paint sample all over it, my floors and the wall. Good times…

Since it was ruined I had to paint it.

I sanded all the outside edges to get rid of as much of the texture from that paint splatter looking finish and gave it a good cleaning with a soapy damp cloth.

After two coats of primer I was satisfied with the results.

I painted the inside with liquid gold paint and the outside with a high gloss black paint.

Side note: this color scheme would look stunning on a bar cart and goes well with most decor. 

all done!

I wanted it to feel a little bit masculine. I want to add more neutral/masculine pieces to give the room balance. This shelf also acts and a little bit of a divider for the dinning room/kitchen and the living room. I plan to reinforce that with the paint when I get to it!

I added clear sticky dots onto the glass so that there is a barrier between the metal and the shelves.

I like to add a plant element to every room. This place is going to look like a freaking jungle by the time I move out. And I am totally with that.

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