Home Update | Living Area, Kitchen Island

My oh my how a coat of paint can transform a place, whew! So I’m a little undecided. I knew that for the main color in my living area I wanted a very light close to white color to brighten up the room. The previous color was this flat matte beigey color with a pink hue, sort of like salmon and it needed to be updated desperately. I am still working out what other two colors I am going to use for accents, because this space definitely needs to be broken up a bit with wall color. I’ll work on that later.

Now I feel good enough about it to mount the tv and begin to hang my art up on the walls. I have to admit when I first moved into my condo I was afraid to put anything in the walls. I didn't want to ruin anything. Ha! I’m hella over that now and I’ve been diving in

I will most likely paint the island a different color but for now it is the base color that I used for the rest of the walls. I’ve been stalking lots of cool geometric, black and white designs/shapes online with the intention of either painting the island or one of my bathroom walls with a pattern.

Recently I was put on to washi tape by jewelery designer Rachel Stewart and figured this would be a much better alternative while I work out what I really want to do with all the walls.

I also added bar hooks that I picked up at home depot for about $3 for a pack of two. It’s such a cute little accent and my place it small so it is a great space saving solution for when I have my girls over.

Small space solution: Add bar hooks to your kitchen island.

This whole update was super cheap. I may of may not be using every bit of restraint I have not to washi every damn wall! The best part is that I can change it without too much fuss.

Hooray for my my new island. :)