Vintage Dress Redone

Years ago I fell in love with this dress on Etsy and asked the tailor to save every last bit of fabric that he could. I wore it to my 25th birthday party, which was just as epic as this dress.
"If I were hosting a game show at my house I guess it would’ve been appropriate"

The cut is TERRIBLE right?! But the fabric, the mesh front, and the back out were enough to overlook the 10lbs of tulle in the shoulders alone. I had never seen anything like it.


Anyway, this post isn’t about the dress but it is about this pillow that I am OBSESSED with.

I love that the fabric is not only beautiful but has so many great memories tied to it. I’ve been phasing out a lot of old shit that I still have from college and beyond mainly because my style is different, but I like holding on to just a few things like this.