Handlebar mustaches are endlessly amusing and I have to admit I was geeked when I saw a movember nail tutorial (tutorial below). 

A number of my coworkers participate in this cause and always send around hilarious photos of their budding beards throughout the month. The Movember campaign helps raise funds for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. 

This design was fairly easy and I Iove the results!

What I used:
essie, adore-a-ball
Milani, black sketch nail polish
Seche Vite, top coat
Nail art brush that doubled as a dotting tool

Start with two coats of polish, you can use any colors that you want for this design, it actually might be fun to do a multi-colored handlebar design.

Make two large dots with a dotting tool, or in my case the end of a nail brush which has the same affect.

Using the brush connect the large dot to the smaller dot. It should take about three brush strokes.

Cute polish tutorial: