I had this big ass bag of ties sitting in my closet for the longest. Sometimes I thrift ties with interesting patterns that just don't make the cut, but I've been hoarding them like a maniac. 

Several times a year I like to purge some of my belongings, because I'm a freak like that and when your running a bow tie business out of you bedroom things tend to get a little cluttered. A couple months ago I pulled out the old tie bag and forced myself to choose which ties to keep and which ties to donate.

I was left with a handful of tragic ties that I thought had potential to be awesome bow ties. I made them pre-tied for several reasons: most of these ties are geared toward the ladies and they've been asking for pre-tied, several had blemishes on the fabric that I couldn't wash out leaving me with only enough for a pre-tied, some of the vintage ties didn't have enough fabric for a bow tie. 

I have to say I wasn't impressed with the end result. They were kind of just...blah. Missing the character of a free style bow tie.

I thought I could maybe add a brooch to add a little glister and a brooch closure on the back so that it can be warn like a brooch as well, but I couldn't really find any  that I liked.

On my way to the local fabric store I decided to stop in Windsor Button. I often find inspiration perusing their shelves and love their seemingly endless button wall. It dawned on me right before I went inside, BUTTONS!

The Wall!

Thank goodness for the extremely patient and endlessly cheerful attendant there who helped me search through the boxes of buttons until I found the right ones.

Anywho, I've gone on for much too long. I love how they turned out, might even keep one or two for myself.  Stay tuned for the launch and pics!