I love thanksgiving. Food and family is always a great combo. Here are two items that I am added to my wish list, hopefully I will have enough time to make them. 

Sangria and Cider? Pinch me.

I'm a sucker for backed pear desserts. L.O.V.E.

Pear and Apricot Tart

Outside of my wishlist I am in charge of making Smoked Mac and Cheese, which I like to make with smoked Gouda and smoked cheddar.

Corn bread. 

And sweet potato pie. 


 Hmm, I might just make the sangria and save the tart for another night! Also on the menu are turkey legs & stuffing made by my aunty, candied yams and collard greens made by my mom, dirty rice made by my little sister and duck made by my big sister. I'll post recipes and pics later. Yum!

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